The Last Voyage To Cythera (2015)
A series of twelve videos by Aya Ben Ron accompanied by lullabies.

In Your Mouth [9/12]

Texts: Aya ben Ron | Music: Binya Reches and Shira Yasur | Vocals, ukulele, piano, metallophone: Shira Yasur | Mix: Binya Reches | Sound Design: Binya Reches
go here to see the full thing

Paleosol 80 south (2013) [excerpt]
A video by Amir Yatziv and Yonatan Doweck | music and sound design by me

Heat Archer (2012)
A video by Uri Nir | Text: Yonatan Soen and Uri Nir | voice and sound by me

Music for the video Second Chance by Uri Nir,  from the exhibition Accelerator.  Tel Aviv Museum, 2011. This piece is made using Cembalo samples, retuned using a Just Intonation system, and is originally played through 16 channels


Washed (2012)
A film by Dafna Miro | Sound Design and music by me

here’s a bite:
thanks goes to Zik studio for letting me use their metals

Patient [excerpt] (2011)
A film by Aya Ben-Ron | Sound Design by me

Tse (2010)
A film by Roee Rosen | sound design by me

Shift [excerpt] (2011)
A film by Aya Ben-Ron | Sound Design by me

Chief Builder (2008)
A film by Shirli Nadav | Music and Sound Design by me

Jerusalem Of Steel (2005)
A short animation by Sigalit Lifshitz | Sound Design and some music by me

Music for an 8-channel video installation by Ariel Efron, exhibited in the Israeli pavilion at The Venice Biennial for architecture, 2004. The exhibition, titled Back To The Sea, was about the Tel-Aviv – Jaffa coastline


Kubiot (2011)
A video-mapping projection by yoav david | music by Alberto Schwartz | sound design by me

Point Black
music for a video work by Mira Cohen

a piece for a video by Guy Briller. The track is made from 7 pieces of 70 seconds each, and refers to the Counting of the Omer (between Passover and Pentecost) as both structural and conceptual framework

Sea Hedgehog
music for the short film by Asaf Asoulin

music for the short film by Ruti Litan, 2005

Three Moon Tales
music for the short film by Neta Dvorkis

music for the short film by Yonatan Dovek