Rustle (2019) // 8-channel sound, transducers, ceramic vessels
Installation at Rustle, showing at The Cube, Jerusalem.

Alive (2019) // sound design for the exhibition at Petach-Tikva Museum

The Interview (2017)
8-channel sound installation at Nothing But Longing, showing in Void, Derry, Northern Ireland. Here’s a bite:


A Voyage To Cythera (2012)
An Exhibition by Aya Ben Ron, at the museum of medical history in Berlin. I did sound design for the videos, and a 13-channel sound-installation in the space.
go here to see the full thing

Accelerator (2011)
Sound installation at the exhibition Accelerator by Uri Nir, Tel Aviv Museum. The music is played through 15 channels, placed inside public pay phones’ earpieces. This is what it looked like in the space:

Lost and sound  // Digital Art Lab, Holon (2006)
An object made of 20 radio-transistors, playing a radio transmission of a piece made entirely from radio noises.


Karamell (2006)
Sound and text work by Binya Reches and Uri Katzenstein
Video footage is taken from “Caramel Diaries”

Never Met Before, Berlin 2001

Video and sound Installation // BET12, Jerusalem (2004)

Body (1998)
Collaboration with Dror Heymann. Sound installation inside a sculpture of a human body. Sound is played through small speakers placed in different parts of the body, and the visitors are asked to wear a stethoscope and listen to the different parts.
In this track they appear in this order: legs – stomach – heart – penis – hands – head.