music for films / videos / stage

selected works:

Subject To Change
music for a solo dance piece by Gili Navot

A piece for a video by Guy Briller. The track is made from 7 pieces of 70 seconds each, and refers to the Counting of the Omer (between Passover and Pentecost) as both structural and conceptual framework.

music for a dance piece by Anat Yaffe.
the first track contains samples from Nurse With Wound.
the 3rd track contains samples from Pierre Bastien.

Music for the short film by Yonatan Dovek

Sea Hedgehog
music for the short film by Asaf Asoulin.

Zik Group – Twenty
Three tracks from a soundtrack i made for the show Twenty by Zik Group, 2005.
the second track – BoneFire – was also released on Studio_01 Compilation.
the third track – Vessel – contains samples from Haim Permont’s piece for the same show
(english horn played by Yoram Amir)

music for the short film by Ruti Litan, 2005

Three Moon Tales
music for the short film by Neta Dvorkis,

New Blood
originally written for the performance Surname by Uri Katzenstein

Point Black
music for a video work by mira cohen.